The tips about choosing the sofa, curtains and pillows

They could be the point in the decoration of the curtains, which could change the whole furniture atmosphere, at the same time, they are very shinning and elegant, which could change the style of fresh, we could decorate the room to up our warm, next we will teach you about temperature, which could let you have the warm winter.

The soft cotton and color could make the sofa colorful, at the same time, it could make the soft attractive, at the same time, the different line could involve the winter, when we lay on the sofa, then we could enjoy it for long time.

window coverings curtains of Floral and Polka Dot Printed Patterns with Lace
From:Floral and Polka Dot Printed Patterns with Lace

The decorative pillows
As for the styles of pillows, if you could add several pillows on the sofa, then you could make the sofa very full, if you could take advantage of the sofa, at the same time, you could place several decorative pillows on sofa, then you could satisfy us in the sight, at the same time, we could make them special.

The curtains could between living room and balcony, at the same time, on the lace curtains, we could add some accessories to make the curtains more beautiful, then it could be simple and elegant.

lace curtains
From:Heritage Lace Heirloom

The carpet
Since room would be the place where could let us relax, many people would be restless at home, if we could place the carpet in the living room, then it could be cold in winter, at the same time, the carpet would be the best choice for in the winter, of course, the color of the carpet would think of the balance of living room, if the color of sofa, curtains and pictures are dark colors, then the color of carpet would choose light colors, such as yellow color, which could be pale colors, then we could balance the whole color of living room, which could not let us confused.