Five schemes for bedroom curtain design idea

Just like dress design, interior decoration design has different styles in different design ideas. Different colors creating an unique room style for us when using for room decoration. Showing out what bedroom curtain really want to represent to and giving us an unique visual enjoyment. Here we are going to share you five schemes of bedroom design idea.

There are many kinds of fabric structures to be a contrast. Strip and geometric patterns are common used together creating a sense of rhythm appearance. Such as white and blue classic multi-color is dynamic beauty. Different curtain styles have different achievements for home decoration.


Retro curtain nowadays is popular style in curtain design idea combing both European and Chinese styles. Adding some new elements on to do some change to be a new style able to convey real-life insights.

Translucent and privacy blind curtain has strictly demand on quality differ from the pass advantages to be a new retro blind curtain.

The romantic exotic idea, gives a sense of mystery for home decor. Made from the latest technology on workmanship creating good quality mystery curtain for home decor.

bedroom curtain design ideas

Different bedroom curtain design ideas meeting different people likes. For those who prefer to quiet, soft elegance curtains with soft fabric and personality design idea are best for them. For females, those elegant curtains make room look more elegance and beautiful.