How to choose cotton curtains and the three tips about it

As the important part of decorating the house, the house could be the point of the curtains, we could not learn the tips of pattern and floral, as to the fabric and design, it is also very important.

First following the style
The curtains are the part of the whole furniture, it is the most important part of decoration, at the same time, it is not signal, we had better follow the home decoration, so before we choose curtains, we have to certain the style of ourselves, since the different furniture could combine different curtains.

Country Style Floral Printing Lace Half Curtains in White

Second we had better know the curtain style in advance
Since the style of curtains is close to the curtains and the style of the room, which could choose the curtains according to the style of curtains, at the same time, before we purchase the curtains, we had better have the simple concept about the curtains.

Blue Cotton Curtains with Plaid Style for Bedroom or Living Room

Third the importance of colors and floral
About the choosing the cotton curtains, even they depend on the taste and like, but we all think that, when we choose the curtains to match with the room style, we have to consider the harmony of the colors and floral.

Chic Leaf Printed Polyester Blackout and Thermal Curtains

It is important for us to choose the floral and curtains in the curtains, since the the short curtains could add the big sight, then the big curtains could not be on big window, which could make the curtain very small, and the floral pattern could extend the room, at the same time, the big floral could let the room loosen.

The above is the tips of choosing cotton fabric, hope these could help you a little.

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